September 18, 2016

Basic Parrot Care Quiz

This quiz it to help us ensure our potential adoptors and fosters have some basic knowledge about the care of parrots. Please download and read through our "Basic Parrot Care" Training document below then start the quiz. Feel free to save the Basic Parrot Care PDF for future reference.

Download Here: Basic Parrot Care Training


1. What size cage should a macaw be in?*
2. What is the average lifespan of a conure?*
3. Should peanuts be a part of a parrot’s diet?*
4. Is it safe to pet a parrot down it's back?*
5. Where should you place the cage?*
6. Should you take a bird outside without a harness or carrier?*
7. What type of cinnamon is safe for parrots?*
8. Name a poisonous plant?*
9. Why should you never yell at a bird?*
10. Where is the nape located on a parrot?*
11. Why is wearing perfume a bad idea around a parrot?*
12. Why is stick training helpful? *
13. Why are foraging toys important?*
14. Should you let your parrot and your dog hang out on the couch together?*
15. Where should you place your hands when toweling a parrot?*
16. When should you feed your bird seed?*
17. What are the benefits of full spectrum lighting?*
18. Should happy huts be used in a cage? *
19. What should you do if your bird is not eating? *
20. How often should you clean the cage and change papers? *