February 17, 2015

Parrot Chop

Parrot Chop

Parrot Chop Chop

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What is Chop?

Chop refers to a finely chopped or processed mix of fresh and cooked foods to be fed to birds.  Breeders have been making mixes like this for many years but popularity has recently increased in pet birds.


Why Chop?

Chop mixes are a great way to introduce new foods to birds who are fussy about what they eat.  It is an easy way to offer a wide variety of foods daily, as mixes can be made in a big batch and frozen, thawing a daily amount as needed.


How to feed Chop

Chop mix may look very unfamiliar to your bird when first introduced so they might need some help to realize that it is in fact food.  For birds with a favorite fruit or vegetable, this can be cut into coarse pieces and mixed into the mix prior to feeding.  If they pick out these favourite pieces, then they will likely put their beak on and get a taste for other ingredients.  Always throw out uneaten chop after 24 hours.  For birds who do not eat fruit or vegetables yet, their seed mix can be mixed in with the chop.  How much will depend on the bird.  For really fussy birds, 3 parts seed: 1 part chop might be a starting point.  Once they are familiar with the new diet, gradually reduce how much seed you are adding and increase the chop as they eat that.  You will probably find they do not eat all of it initially, but with time, become more adventurous.  You can also add fresh sprouts to the chop mix before feeding, a favourite for many birds.  Do not give excessive amounts where your bird can exclusively pick out favourites and not be hungry for the new foods.


Quantities to feed:

Depends on your bird, but as a rough guide.

Budgerigar: 1-2 teaspoons

Cockatiel/Conure/ringneck: 1 – 2 tablespoons

Eclectus/Galah/Cockatoo/Amazon: 2-4 tablespoons


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