February 16, 2015

First aid kit and Emergency plan

First Aid Kits and Emergency Plans

Have a Plan .. First Aid Kit / Plan By Jami Galindo

Have a Plan


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Having a Parrot First Aid Kit at the ready, and knowing how you will respond to get your baby to the Vet (weekend or weekday) creates a confident and calmer moment when things do go wrong. Stress is a factor in all emergencies and keeping that to a minimum is something we can control and will benefit our injured parrot.

A Parrot First Aid Kit should contain the following:

Styptic powder (to help stop bleeding)

Antiseptic wash

Sterile gauze bandages (precut to appropriate sizes for your parrot)

Sterile gauze pads for applying washes


Antiseptic swabs

Cotton Swabs

Wound adhesive tape

Clean towel or two (sized appropriate to you parrot)


Nail clippers


Heating pad

Electrolyte solution for re-hydration (Mix the following in a jar: 8 oz. of warm water ½ Tablespoon of sugar 1/8 teaspoon of salt 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda Stir well, and refrigerate.) This solution is good for 2-3 days when mixed.

NOTE: Another very good fluid to use for rehydration is Coconut Water. It can be found at most grocery stores.Finally, A simple air tight plastic box with lid to hold these items.

A First Aid kit’s purpose is to be a standby toolkit to bring your bird into a stable condition for extreme emergencies, so you can transport safely to your Avian Vet. It is also a standby toolkit for quick fixes to problems that do occur such as broken blood feathers, broken feathers, small wounds from hard play or wrestling with another bird, minor scrapes and scratches, or surface toe and foot injuries. When in doubt SEE YOUR VET. And during your next Vet visit bring in your First Aid kit, and ask the doctor to explain proper usage and application of the items. A 5 minute conversation will bring powerful knowledge to a bad day.

The Plan:

Have your Avian Vet phone number and Emergency Phone Numbers at the ready (on a card in the First Aid Kit is a great backup to your cell phone) A carrier at the ready. A strategy if you are a one car family. Share your plan with every one in the house. Share your plan with your parrot sitter. And if your baby is visiting with friends or family while you are away. Make sure their First Aid Kit, Emergency Plan and items go with with them to their vacation home.

A System is a Plan with Tools. It is that simple, and it is VERY powerful