March 3, 2015


CWA does not ship birds, if you would like to adopt from us you will need to make arrangements to travel to Wyoming..*
Type of residence? ( House, apartment, Do you Own or Rent your home?)*
Please expain what previous experience you have had with birds?*
Do you plan on breeding?*
Name or species of bird you are interested in:*
Why do you want to adopt this bird?*
What would you do if the bird decides to dislike you or another member of the household?*
Do any members of the household object to getting a bird?*
Is the bird for someone other than yourself?*
Does anyone in the household smoke?*
Do you use Teflon coated cookware?*
Are air fresheneres, scented candles, or perfumes used in the household?*

Are you aware that:

  • Birds require a great deal of attention and maintenance.
  • They are very expensive to feed, keep healthy, and entertained.
  • Might have or develop undesirable habits. ( screaming, biting, etc. )
  • Can be destructive.
  • Can be loud and cause audio disturbances that neighbors may complain about.

How many hours a day will the bird be left alone?*
When you travel from home, who will look after your bird?*
What do you expect from a pet bird?*
What characteristics are most important to you?*
What will the birds primary diet be?*
What is the average life expectancy of the species you are interested in adopting?*
Who will be your primary veterinarian, and do they have avian experiance?*
Please describe symptoms that may require a veterinary visit.*
Will you have the bird's wings clipped to prevent flying?*
Will your bird be bathed regularly?*
How will you prevent the bird from being injured in your home? (chewing on things that could harm it, running into windows, being injured by objects or other inhabitants etc?)*
What type / size of cage / housing will you provide for the bird?*
How will you provide activities for the bird when you are away?*
Where will the cage be placed in your home?*
How do you plan to provide for this bird in the event of your untimely death?*
Under what circumstances would you consider re homing your bird? ( moving, divorce, bad behaviour, job status, allergy, expense, etc )*
If possible, please provide us with two bird friendly references below. ( vet, pet store, bird owner, etc. )
Reference #1 name:
Reference address:
Reference name 2:
Reference address 2: