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Central Wyoming Aviary

Official 501(c)(3) Avian Rescue in Wyoming

CWA (Central Wyoming Aviary) , a 501 (c) (3) non-profit avian rescue based in Riverton, WY and serving all of Wyoming and the surrounding states. Our rescue is home based. We pride ourselves in educating others on the complicated needs of these complex creatures. Our mission is to educate as many as possible so re-homing and the over breeding of these precious souls will STOP. Once a bird is in rescue, we quarantine and evaluate. After several weeks in foster and a vet check the parrots are either adopted out to forever homes or we try and find a proper sanctuary for them. CWA also has developed a large community of bird loving people on Facebook. These people are the heart and soul of CWA, and come from all around the globe. CWA has a mission to build a sanctuary for these precious souls, with your help WE CAN DO IT! Our sanctuary will be for all our re homes and rescues both adoptable and and non-adoptable. We Rescue, Rehabilitate, Educate, Adopt, and Inform. Any documention filled out on, or from this website is legally binding.

Our Team

Board of Directors

Matt Roark

Head Chairperson
Casper Region – Head Volunteer

Sarah Newberry

Vice Chairperson

Lisa Norris


John Stephens

Technology Supervisor

Heather Stephens

Head Volunteer – Sheridan Region

Tonya Peterson

Head Volunteer – Riverton Region

Lynn Young

Head Volunteer – Rock Springs Region

Michelle Brotherton

Head Volunteer – Minnesota

Cassie Reid

Head Volunteer – Cheyenne Region

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